Your Time Has Come

To Become . . .


The Untouchable Super-Creative

Be your highest Creative Self
Speak with Power
Embody your truth in the Written Word
Create a legacy for future generations

If I had to go back in time to 6 years ago, I would not have recognised myself now. Fear ruled my life. Fearful to share my voice. Fearful to confront a life that suffocated my soul. 


So I groped in the dark, not knowing my purpose, not knowing why I was alive. Till I was at the edge of my collapse, I finally took drastic measures. Like a caterpillar into a butterfly, I remoulded and reformed to walk towards my destiny. Deep down, I knew I was here on Earth on an important endeavour.


The transformation began and the following came my way : Purpose. Knowledge. Wisdom. Understanding. Techniques. Mentors and Guides


Speaking my Message powerfully, writing my Truth with an intensity, that it left many at awe. Bringing life to those words through other creations. 


Untouchable. Nothing could break me down.

Super-Creative. Beyond the book, I could create anything.

Then it struck me ...


Just as I had Mentors, there would be others who I would mentor who may do greater things than me. 




Determined to fulfill this objective, I have joined forces with several other Super-Creators on this life-altering mission. Dr Kirpal Singh. Joanne Flinn. Melanie Falvey and Tony Knight. We have all had different journeys. We will be your Panel of Mentors.


Let us transform you to become the Untouchable Super-Creative.  The lateral thinking New Renaissance Man or Woman. The purpose-driven Leader who speaks, writes and acts upon an important message. They leave behind a legacy that will resonate in eternity for future generations. 

yours truly,


Tahira Amir Sultan Khan


Our mission is to transform the first 100

within the next 100 days


  • You require 24/7 Access 

    Get access to pre-recorded videos viewable anytime as many times as you wish, 24 hours a day!

  • You are looking for a program that is precise and powerful 

    Each Module will be designed to be on point and easy to grasp. You can repeat them as many times as you wish. 

  • You are committed

    Regardless of what level you are, beginner or advanced, if you are deeply committed to transform, this is the program for you.


    A 12-month commitment is required to transform your life and to deliver world-class results. 

  • You prefer to learn at your own pace.

    There will be some months when you can choose to take it slow, and other months when you can accelerate.


    While you pace yourself, we will guide you along the way through the Monthly Meetings, 


All about You and Your Message

Before you begin anything, you must first know who you are. 


Let Tahira take you on a journey of yourself from the tip of the iceberg to what is hidden within you. Your personal challenges, boundaries and limitations. 


Uncovering your CORE Purpose, your profile, your core archetype and discovering what stage you are in in your evolutionary growth. In essence, your golden truth, that will be your legacy. 


Achieve the clarity of who you are so that you can become, so that you can deliver that powerful speech or a life-transforming book. 

  • Becoming the Polymath Renaissance Man or Woman clear on Purpose.


    1. Know Who You Are, Your Story and how it aligns with your Higher Purpose.
    2. Understanding the Levels of Consciousness - accessing where you are and where you are heading. Being aware of the key relationships you should have in your journey as a super-creative. 

    3. Soulful journaling and vision-boarding
    5. The Hero's (or Heroine's Journey) and how it applies to you and for your upcoming written work.

    4. Unleashing your super-creativity. Becoming the Polymath Renaissance Man or Woman who is able to break the boundaries of limitations. 


Speak your Truth with power

From stepping into your Higher Self, to being able to speak your truth. 


Become unstoppable, magnetic, and impactful. We will begin by helping you command your stage and determining your super-power. It may be visual, audio or experiential. Gain clarity on the communication layer that works best for you.


Let Melanie help you explore the "what", "why" and "how". She will help you discover your Inner Power, Outer Power and remove your fears. She will also guide you on how to optimise your social media profiles for impact and media opportunities and more!

  • Being magnetic and  strategically visible. 

    1. Mesmerise an audience with your message and your energy, 

    2. Magnetise by using all aspects of communication 

    3. Creating impact. Open up opportunities for more interviews, speaking events and exposure. 

    4. Visibility strategies, which are part of the signature system, taught on Expert Channel TV. 

    5. Not your traditional public speaking program. Combined with "BE" delivered by Tahira, the power is multiplied. 

    6, 6. And more modules will be revealed soon. 

Deliver your message in a book that transforms lives

This is no better time to bring your message into your book, and it needs to be done powerfully. 


We are allowing both novice and more established writers to effectively convey their message in a complete book that will transform lives. 

  • The Program Outline and the modules you will cover over a span of 12 months.


    1. Architecting the book so that it delivers
    2. The First 5 Pages
    3. Writing in Challenging Situations 
    4. Writing the Middle and the Ending
    5. Writing Style and Texture
    6..Integrity of Information
    7. The Story & Plot
    8..Creating Compelling Characters
    9.. Crafting Dialogue

    10. Seeing Your Work Anew
    11. Landing Your Message
    12. The Editing Process 
    13. The Business of Being a Truth-Writer
    14.. Motivation & Inspiration for Writers

    15. Taking the "Right for You" Publishing Process
    16. Establishing Your Authenticity As An Author
    17. Creating an Impact With Your Book

Bring Life to what you Speak and Write about

Gone are the days where the Creatives watch the world and write, speak or artistically to express their perspectives. 


We have entered into an era where they need to become the new leaders. They are starting movements. They are conceptualizing new innovations.


They are no longer the bystanders, perceiving things from the back. They impact change powerfully.

  • The Program Outline 

  • 1. Becoming the Master Co-Creator (Part 2). 

    2. Crafting out your Spiritual Vision-board, along with an Introduction to Prophetic Art.

    3. Determining what movement or initiative is in line with your higher purpose. Subsequently, learning how to start and inspire one. 

    4. Developing Multidimensional Adaptive Leadership skills. 

    5. An Introduction to Community Leadership skills. Ensuring that your legacy is passed on for generations. And more. 


Just imagine. You are standing and taking an aerial view at 40,000 feet from Ground Zero. By opening up your mind and tapping onto your senses, you may see what you can BECOME and what you can DO. If you are ready to take flight, we are your Super-Creative Mentors. 

Tahira Amir Sultan Khan


Your Mentor for the NEW HUMAN segment and Chief Mentor for the Untouchable SuperCreative Program. Bestselling Author of the book 'Through The Golden Door', Inspirational Speaker and Former President of the Mobile Alliance Singapore. 



Nominated for the Tallberg Snf-Eliasson Leadership Prize  (2021). 

REX Karmaveer Chakra Award instituted by iCONGO and the United Nations (GOLD Medal - 2019)

Asia Pacific Golden Brand Award (2018)

ASEAN Lady of Excellence (2017)

Melanie Falvey


Founder of Expert Channel TV, she is a Visibility Strategist, a Video confidence coach, creator of the 'Videos that Sell' and the Magnetic Speaker programs.

Joanne Flinn


Bestselling Authro of 5 books, TEDx Speaker and Judge at the Golden Door Awards. As an international artist, her work under the name, Booth Aster, is in collections in five countries and exhibited in numerous museums.

Dr Kirpal Singh


Singapore's Renowned Poet Laureate, Literarist and Cultural Critic. He was also the first Asian Director of the Commonwealth Prize. Chief Judge of the Golden Door Awards.

Tony Knight


An Ecoprenuer, Freedom Activist and Visionary. He received the Silver Medal for the Golden Door - REX Karmaveer Truth-writers Fellowship and Chakra Award (2020) 





A 12 month membership commitment with the Untouchable SuperCreative Certificate (Level 1) awarded to you at the end of the program* *upon successful completion and assessment of the modules 


Imagine being part of a program where throughout the year, you are mentored and guided by Tahira and her team of SuperCreative leaders.


Your Hero's Journey graced with guidance with some of the best. No more wasting time. No more detouring. 


Know who you are and step up to Become the highest version of you. The New Human who walks on the path of the Golden Road, learning to the anti-fragile as you focus on co-creating your best possible future. 


You may birth a new written or artistic creation, or even a movement.  It may be something you never thought of becoming tangible. 


While you make a commitment to discover your Message, to learn how to write your Truth into a book, to speak with power and magnetism, you begin to create a legacy that will be awe-inspiring, even for you!








$239 monthly

$681 quarterly

$2581 (one time payment with maximum savings)

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Through The Golden Door




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Melanie Falvey

Mentor for SPEAK

Playing safe was my default. 

"Somewhere along the path of life I lost my ability to lead, stand out and play big. Circumstances, people, beliefs, a load of stuff we bring upon ourselves and it just becomes easier to conform, to fit in, to blend in and morph into a smaller version of yourself. 


But that urge to serve in a bigger way, to grow in uncomfortable directions was too strong to quieten.Getting clear on my strengths and mission, even when not knowing the steps ahead helped ignite an internal power that would soon become my external reality."


When does the program start? 

Registration is open now.

Will there be accountability during the program?

There will be weekly / monthly exercises. Month by month, we hope to see you progress diligently as you move towards bringing life to your message, creating some tangible and aspiring for excellence,  

Will a Certificate be given to me? If so, how do I qualify for it?

Yes, if you register for the ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP under the SuperCreative Diamond program, and complete the required modules. 


You will be invited for an evaluation at the end of the 12 months and you will be assessed before being presented with the Graduation Certificate. 

Are all the Modules listed in each Segment required?

We have listed both required and optional modules. Not all listed are required to be completed. 

How will I access the modules? 

YOU will get access to the USC Members ONLY site where the modules will be accessible. 

Will there be face-to-face virtual interactions? 

Every month, there will be an online interactive session where the Mentors and the highly committed mentees from across the world like you meet. You share your progress, get additional guidance and get your work reviewed. 

What is the minimum commitment weekly?

A minimum commitment of 2 hours weekly to go through the modules. Working on the exercises in the workbooks would be additional hours on top of that. 

How many modules will be covered each week?

1-2 modules will be covered each week with accompanying exercises. Each module will be delivered in 1- 4 parts. 


About 104 powerful modules will be delivered in the entire 12 months!


Weekly notifications will be sent to you on the modules for your learning.  We encourage you to set aside a minimum of 2 hours weekly to go through the modules with focus. 


If you miss a week or several weeks, you can always catch up on the modules. This program is at your own pace, and only the mandatory modules are required to be completed to receive the Certification.. 


10 scholarships are available! 

Up to 50% of the Annual Membership Fee will be sponsored.


 Preference will be for highly committed individuals (of any Nationality), particularly those who have been  severly negatively impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic financially. 

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