• The World's First  International Writers' Awards for Truth & Integrity

    of Digital Content & Printed Literature

    (5th - 7th Sep 2020)

    Why Should Writers and Creators Join the Golden Door Awards?

    • Connect with and learn from best-selling authors and speakers who've become successful entrepreneurs with Integrity.
    • Experience Intimate, Interactive, Live Sessions.
    • Participate in workshops, 1-on-1 networking, and a year-long Truth-Creators Community.
    • Get equipped with the knowledge and tools so your message can reach the right audiences and create a significant impact.

  • Featured as the World's First on:

    Asia One - "Golden Door" - World's first International Writers' Awards for Truth and Integrity
    HRM Asia - "Golden Door" - World's first International Writers' Awards for Truth and Integrity
    APN India - India participates in “Golden Door”
    Market Insider - "Golden Door" - World's first International Writers' Awards for Truth and Integrity
  • Executive Committee, Special Guests & Facilitators

    Tahira Amir Sultan Khan

    Tahira Amir Sultan Khan, Founder

    Keynote Speaker at the Golden Door and Panel Chairperson. Read more.

    Based in Singapore.

    Jim Cathcart

    Jim Cathcart, Guest of Honour

    A Top TEDx Speaker with almost 2 Million views, Author of 20 books, Recipient of the Golden Gavel Award, and in the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame. Read more.

    Based in the USA.

    Dr Kirpal Singh

    Dr Kirpal Singh, Chief Judge

    Singapore's Renown Literary & Cultural Critic. Chief Judge of Golden Door. Read more

    Based in Singapore.

    Prof Ayran von Dreger

    Prof Ayran von Dreger, Special Guest

    Analyst of Conspiracy Theories & their impact on global consciousness. Special Guest on the VIP Panel. Read more.

    Based in Australia.

    Viswa Sadasivan

    Viswa Sadasivan, Special Guest

    Former Non-Constituency Member of Parliament. Special Guest on the VIP Panel. Read more.

    Based in Singapore.

    Israel Oyelumade

    Israel Oyelumade, Special Guest, Actor

    Authentic Business Director and Oratory Dynamics(TM) Founder.

    Based in the UK.

    Joanne Flinn

    Joanne Flinn,

    Lead Judge

    Bestselling Author, Multiple TEDx Speaker. Read more.

    Based in Singapore.

    Rob Salisbury

    Rob Salisbury


    Bestselling Author & Speaker at over 2300 Conferences. Read more.

    Based in Australia.

    Jeroninio Almeida

    Jeroninio Almeida, Judge

    Inspirational Orator and Founder of REX Karmaveer (medals instituted by iCongo and the United Nations)

    Based in India.

    Kerrie L Phipps

    Kerrie Phipps, Facilitator

    Author & Co-Host of the Mastermind & Author Branding Workshop. Read more.

    Based in Australia.

    Andrew Chua

    Andrew Chua, Facilitator

    Authentic Business Director who will lead the Truth-Creator Journey. Read more.

    Based in the UK.

    Wendy Chua

    Wendy Chua, Facilitator

    Authentic Business Country Leader for the Truth-Creator Journey.

    Based in the UK.

  • Be Part of the Change!

  • Program Schedule

    This landmark 3-Day Event will be held virtually with optimised interactions. You could be anywhere in the world and still gain significantly.

    Timings below are in SGT, GMT + 8.


    SAT, 5TH SEP 2020

    The Awards & Inauguration Day:


    1:00PM - 1:25PM SGT: Reception & Introduction


    1:30PM - 2:25PM SGT: The Founder's keynote speech, with a sharing of the Inspiration behind Golden Door.


    2:40PM - 4:250PM SGT: VIP Panel : Addressing the Perils of a Narrow Definition of Truth. Panelists include Historian & Conspiracy Analyst Prof Ayran von Dreger, Former Nominated Member of Parliament Viswa Sadasivan and Literalist / Culturalist Dr Kirpal Singh. Moderated by Tahira, Founder of Golden Door. There will be a 20 minute Q&A session.


    4:40PM - 5:05PM SGT: Watch an exclusive preview of the upcoming Murray Watts play "African Snow" starring actor, Israel Oyelumade.


    5:20PM - 6:55PM SGT: The Judging Panel's announcement of the Winners and the Golden Door - REX Karmaveer Medal Nominees.


    8:00PM - 9:25PM SGT: Guest Of Honour Address and Official Inauguration of the Golden Door. Commendation of all the Partners & Sponsors.


    9:30PM - 9:55PM SGT : VIP Networking.


    SUN, 6TH SEP 2020

    A series of interactive panels and workshops:

    11:00AM - 12:25PM SGT: "Living Your Truth : Bravely, Be You" Discussion Panel by Keynote Women Speakers : Mind & Wellness practitioner Dr Indigo, Paralympic medalist Theresa Goh and Vulnerability Expert Sunny Slaughter. Moderated by the broadcast journalist, Fredu Liu.

    1:00PM - 2:55PM SGT: ''Doing Good Business with Integrity​' workshop by Joanne Flinn (global entrepreneur and artist) and Cheryl Liew (Certified High Performance Coach) bring you 5 steps to accelerate your wealth through your word and through your integrity. .


    4:00PM - 5:55PM SGT: 'Discovering Your Purpose' by the Authentic Business team - Andrew Chua, Israel Oyelumade and Wendy Chua. A life-changing experience of discovering the essence of your purpose.

    8:00PM - 9:55PM SGT: "Determining what is Truth" Workshop by Jim Cathcart and Tahira Amir Sultan Khan. Learn to develop the art of being able to differentiate between Truths and Untruths so that Humanity can progress..


    MON, 7TH SEP 2020

    Presentations by shortlisted participants & Golden Door - REX Karmaveer medal nominees:


    8:20AM - 8:45AM SGT: Eirliani Abdul Rahman : Giving a voice to the voiceless, through the work in child sex abuse.


    9:00AM - 9:25AM SGT: Tony Knight : How truth and the natural elements awakens our reality of freedom.


    9:40AM - 10:05AM SGT: Christine Amour-Levar :

    The truth of how empowering women can help mitigate climate change.


    10:20AM - 10:45AM SGT: Prasenjit K Basu : Asia's rebirth in the past 150 years from the depredations of colonialism. A hidden truth for too long.


    11:00AM - 11:25AM SGT: Natalie Turner : What is the bigger purpose of the writer's role within these times of change?

    11:40AM - 12:05PM SGT: Jeremy Monteiro :

    Excerpts from his book through an insightful interview with Kannan Chandran.


    1:10PM - 1:35PM SGT: Tallulah D'Silva : Connecting with nature and creating a bond with our environment.

    1:50PM - 2:05PM SGT: Hear from the Creator of the Top "Untruth to be Resolved" Video Challenge


    2:20PM - 2:45PM SGT: Dr Henry Toi : How we can reclaim the truths in our lives instead of living with excuses and biases.


    3:00PM - 3:25PM SGT: Kristen Daria Zuriel : The simple Truth of Perseverance.


    3:40PM - 4:05PM SGT: Mette Johansson : Standing up to share your truth.


    4:10 PM - 5:35PM SGT: A Panel Discussion on "New Information & Governance Structures" with renowned Truth Activist, Sacha Stone and His Grace Bishop Riah.


    4:40PM - 5:05PM SGT: Mystqx Skye : Why labelling someone is detrimental and how we can turn this negativity to benefit us positively.


    5:20PM - 5:45PM SGT: Kevin Cottam : How truth is your Nomadic Mindset.


    6:00PM - 6:25PM SGT: Otto & Felicia : Exploring the depths of the "soul" of Chef Otto Weibel


    6:40PM - 7:05PM SGT: Roshani Shenazz : Blurring boundaries which touch upon hate, contradiction, hypocrisy, despair and many other most significant pandemics of the human race.


    7:40PM - 8:35PM SGT: The Winners Panel


    10:00PM - 10:30PM SGT: Dr Judy Dlamini : Telling the "Other Story" with integrity.


    10:40PM - 11:10PM SGT: Rusty Labuschagne : Taking a stand for being falsely accused.


    11:20PM - 11:50PM SGT: Nasreen Variyawa : How authors are contributing to the global humanitarian crisis, how it is enabling and empowering injustice and what needs to be done to change it.

  • Some of the highlights, before you book your Virtual Seat

    If you have a group of 10 or more, write to us to get a Group Discount.

    Journey of the Truth-Creators WORKSHOP (Day 2) & Round-table (DAY 3)

    Workshops for Writers​​

    A not-to-be-missed experience on DAY 2 and DAY 3

    • Brand building - how to be recognized as a truth speaker
    • Truth writing - how to be successful writing with courage
    • Publicity

    On DAY 2, let the Authentic Business Team guide you on your Core Purpose. Then on DAY 3, similar to the Knight's Roundtable, it is your opportunity to votce your Truth and Core Purpose and gather support and collaboration internationally.


    Determining What is Truth WORKSHOP (DAY 2)

    Workshops for Truth Seekers

      Insights from renown Truth-Writers & Truth-Creators themselves on DAY 2

      "Determining What is Truth?" WORKSHOP Insights from renowned Truth Writers & Truth Creators themselves on DAY 2 Jim Cathcart and Tahira Amir Sultan Khan have joined forces to run this interactive Workshop. Determining what is Truth is probably the hardest thing to answer at this time. But once we have tackled it, it becomes a game changer in everything that we write or create. Our new pathway will be the Road for an Acceleration.


      Israel Oyelumade

      'A Truth to Power' Preview of the upcoming Murray Watts play entitled "African Snow"

        Be the First to catch the Exclusive Preview on the Inauguration Day

        Murray Watts is best known for his screenplay of the internationally acclaimed film 'The Miracle Maker'. His play 'African Snow' toured the UK in 2007, including the West End in London. Israel Oyelumade is now starring as Equiano, the great black campaigner against the slave trade, in this new solo version of "African Snow", adapted and directed by Murray Watts and touring from the fall of 2020..

        Growing as a TRUTH AMBASSADOR

        ONE-YEAR FREE Basic Membership of the Golden Door Truth Creators Community

          Connect with Golden Door's founder, winners, VIPs, and fellow truth-creators from over 15 countries.

          This exclusive platform will help launch the "Truth-Seeker or the Truth-Writer" into their Truth-Creator destiny through their written work or their real-world ventures.

          • Share your works and ask for feedback

          • Discuss the business of writing/creating

          • Join a community of leaders with shared values

        • Recommended

          Growing as a TRUTH AMBASSADOR

          3 FULL DAY VIP PASS


          3 Days FULL VIP ACCESS to the Main Awards Ceremony, all the Workshops, Talks, and the VIP Networking Segments.


          Meet one-on-one with the VIP & Special Guests!


          BONUS : INCLUDES ONE YEAR FREE BASIC membership of the Golden Door Truth Creators Community.



          Access to all 3 days and all segments of the Event, except the VIP Networking.

          1 FULL DAY PASS


          Access to all the scheduled segments during any one Day you choose.



          Ready to become a Creator of Truth in your writings and your ventures?


          Learn from the international best and make an impact! Be part of the Interactive Workshops. Choose your preferred combination.

        • Get a Group Discount for 10+

          Gather your friends, colleagues and fellow Truth-Seekers and Truth-Writers.

          Benefit from the savings and enjoy the GOLDEN DOOR 2020 Convention together!

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